Sungai Tellian bridge project progressing smoothly

The Sungai Tellian bridge project in progress.

MUKAH: The Sungai Tellian bridge project at Kampung Tellian Daya (Tellian Ulu) here is progressing smoothly since construction began about two weeks ago.

New Sarawak Tribune on Thursday (Oct 7) discovered that the major components of the bridge had been completed.

There were no workers on site however, as it was believed that they were waiting for the concrete floor of the bridge to dry.

The RM250,000 Rural Transformation Project is implemented by the Mukah Drainage and Irrigation Department.

Construction is undertaken by local contractor, Kenyalang Maju Enterprise, and the contract period is five months (Aug 19, 2021-Jan 18, 2022).

The stilts and related supporting structures are constructed from belian wood, while the floor is made of concrete, measuring about 30m long and 2.5m wide.

The old wooden bridge, which was built about 70 years ago, had been demolished.