Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah

KUCHING: A total of 700 students attended a talk by CEO of Serba Dinamik Holdings Sdn Bhd, Datuk Dr Mohd Karim Abdullah, which was held at the Jubli Perak Hall, Politeknik Kuching, here.

The event called CEO@PolyCC programme was organised by Politeknik Kuching in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Its aim is to empower Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) students from Politeknik and College Community Kuching in pace with the Industrial 4.0 Revolution (IR 4.0).

In his speech, Mohd Karim said in preparing for IR 4.0, it is important to understand the challenges and opportunities.

Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah

“IR 4.0 aims to modernise our industrial capability to transform the economy. I believe it is the way forward in our industry to be in pace with other countries nowadays.

“The TVET initiative improves efficiency in adapting to the IR 4.0. How the future generations could bring an impact to the industry growth here depends on it.

He also inspired the students in his talk about his start-up in the industrial sector from nothing to where he is now, as the 50th richest Malaysian under the Forbes list 2019 (


Mohd Karim said a visit to a gas turbine manufacturing factory in Switzerland left him with a deep impression on how TVET empowers the people there.

On the other hand, he said NOKIA, which used to be the world’s top phones manufacturer, was an example how a company failed to adapt and progress to be competitive.