KUCHING: Three men were each fined RM4,700 in default three months’ jail after they pleaded guilty to drug possession in the Magistrates’ Court here today.

They were charged with possessing drugs under Section 12 (2) of the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1952, respectively.

In the first case, Azhar Bolhi, 28, a mechanic pleaded guilty to possessing 0.56g of methamphetamine at Kampung Siol Kandis on Aug 12.

In the same court room, a 43-year-old man from Jalan Batu Kinyang pleaded guilty to possessing 23 packets of methamphetamine and five eramin pills before magistrate Zubaidah Sharkawi.

Meanwhile in a separate court room, a 43-year-old man also pleaded guilty to possession of 0.32g of methamphetamine was fined RM4,700 or nine months’ jail.

The accused was arrested around 3.30pm at a house in Kampung Haji Baki Block C Jalan Batu Kitang.