Two news clusters announced


By Petronella Felix  

KUCHING: The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) declared the emergence of two new Covid-19 clusters in Sarawak on Monday (Sept 27), both detected in Limbang district.

The first cluster, dubbed the Tembok Limbang cluster is a detention institution cluster involving detainees of Penjara Pusat Limbang.

“Out of 63 individuals tested, 14 were positive while 49 individuals are still waiting for results. The cluster declared nine new cases today (Sept 27) while 334 detainees are undergoing targeted screenings,” said SDMC.

The second cluster is a community cluster dubbed the Melaban cluster involving residents of a longhouse in Melaban, Nanga Medamit, Limbang.

Thirty-seven out of 50 people screened tested positive for Covid-19 while 13 individuals are still waiting for test results. The cluster declared 28 new clusters yesterday.

“All positive cases were admitted to Limbang Hospital and Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centre (PKRC) in Limbang district,” it said.

The committee also announced the end of five clusters, namely the Sungai Duuh Cluster in Serian, Mega Suai Cluster in Subis, Jalan Johari Sunam Cluster in Bintulu, Kampung Matang Lot Cluster in Kuching, and the Nanga Tekalit Cluster in Tatau.

“Nine out of the 117 active clusters in the state have recorded a total of 81 new cases,” added SDMC.

At the same time, SDMC revealed that a total of seven new localities have been put under enhanced movement control order (EMCO).

Two localities in Sebauh, namely Rumah (Rh) Mathew Selutan, Sungai Sarau at Jalan Sebauh-Pandan and Rh Jilan Agam, Sungai Sekubong at Jalan Sebauh-Bintulu will undergo EMCO from Sept 25 to Oct 4.

Rh Sherit, Titikah in Sri Aman will undergo Emco from Sept 26 to Oct 5; Rh Mawar, Batu 6, Jalan KJD in Meradong will be in EMCO from Sept 27 to Oct 6; while Rh Jampong, Melaban in Limbang will undergo EMCO from Sept 28 to Oct 7.

Two localities will undergo EMCO from Sept 28 to Oct 8, namely Rh Balaki, Drau Ulu, Krian in Saratok; and Rh Lajak, Plassu in Kabong.

Meanwhile, EMCO in a total of 20 localities in Sri Aman, Betong, Kabong, Pakan, Julau, Tatau, and Bintulu have ended as of Sept 27, said the committee.

In Sri Aman, EMCO ended for nine localities, namely Rh Rose Emma Stanley Gate, Temudok Atas; Rh Buyung, Lepong Simpai; Rh Ellie, Sabu Baroh; Rh Sparrow Anyan, Bait Baru; Rh Sang, Seduku, Lingga; Rh Jiram, Entulang Kasai; Rh Tuang, Sg. Labi; Rh Lewis, Batu Besai; and Rh Chuan, Jaong Sungai Rian.

EMCO also ended in three localities in Betong, namely Rh Ganya, Ulu Teru, Debak; Rh Nyanggau, Bangkit Rembai, Spaoh; and Rh Ulis, Tanu.

Three localities in Pakan, namely Rh Ningkan, Lubok Ubi Sugai; Rh. Jambai, Ulu Nunggang; and Rh Ajau, as well as two localities in Tatau, namely Rh. Ahkow anak Kubu, Sg. Kelawit, Jalan Tatau/Sibu and Rh Karong anak Unbam, Sungai Anggoh, Anap also ended as of Sept 27.

“EMCO also ended for Rh Igat Jimbun, Kop, Sg Sawa, Roban in Kabong; Rh Bunyak, Nanga Dong in Julau; and Rh Niau Nanang, Sg. Mas, Jalan Bintulu–Tatau in Bintulu,” said SDMC.

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