Two-year-old succumbs to hydrocephalus

Nur Syahfinie was pronounced dead at around 11am on Tuesday.

KUCHING: Two-year-old Nur Syahfinie Johari, who suffered from hydrocephalus, was pronounced dead at around 11am today at the Sarawak General Hospital here.

Her mother, Noraini Panggau, 27, when contacted, said she had accepted that this was the Almighty’s will.

She also thanked all those who had extended their assistance to the family.

On Tuesday, New Sarawak Tribune published a news report on Syahfinie suffering from hydrocephalus or excess fluid in the brain, which caused her to have an enlarged head.

Syahfinie is the youngest of three children belonging to Norainie and her husband, Johari Bolhaji, 51, who live at Kampung Sungai Bedil in Petra Jaya.

Meanwhile, Grab Jenazah Free founder Wan Huzaimi Wan Azami said his party would bear all the costs of Syahfinie’s funeral.

He added that they had also handed over public donations to Syahfinie’s family on Monday night amounting to more than RM2,000.

Syahfinie’s body will be buried at the Kampung Sungai Bedil Muslim cemetery today.