Ways to Recycle Newspaper

Another great way to play your roles in protecting the environment is by recycling old newspapers. It’s also a great way to save money by putting it to good use. So, don’t throw away the newspapers that have been piling up in the corner of your home and check out these great ways to recycle them.

· Use old newspapers instead of rags to clean paint brushes, remove oil stains, and mop up gasoline spills.

· Apples can be kept from going bad by wrapping them in old newspaper and storing them somewhere dry.

· If you have a foam-backed carpet, place the newspapers on the floor underneath it. This will protect the carpet and prevent it from sliding.

· A good way to clear up broken glass. First, remove the larger pieces wrapped in old newspaper and discard them. Then, using a couple sheets of damp newspaper, gently blot the surrounding area. Glass shards will cling to the damp paper.

· Stack multiple sheets of paper on top of each other to create a makeshift container for seedlings to germinate.

· Use a couple sheets of wet, crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels to clear up any residue in your oven.

· Place newspaper sheets at the bottom of your refrigerator’s fruit and vegetable drawer. They will absorb any decaying produce messes while also keeping the drawer odor-free.

· Wrap green tomatoes in old newspaper sheets, arrange them in a box, and cover with a lid. They will gradually ripen to a beautiful red colour.

· When you go camping, put several sheets of newspaper underneath your sleeping bag. This will keep your bag dry, dirt-free, and warm.

· Stuff smelly shoes with crumpled newspaper balls. Allow them to sit overnight before discarding. The odours will disappear.

· Papier mache fun! This fun DIY activity will keep your youngsters busy. You can make anything you want with simply newspaper and glue.

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