‘We are not going to relax’

Suhaimi speaking to reporters.

KUCHING: The launching of TV Sarawak (TVS) was a momentous achievement for Sarawak Media Group (SMG) chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman.

According to him, tears of joy were shed upon seeing TVS making its on-screen debut last Saturday.

Suhaimi speaking to reporters.

He expressed gladness in seeing that TVS had not encountered any significant hiccups during its first day of broadcast considering that it was ran by a significant amount of employees who are inexperienced in the field of television.

“I felt that because we were so successful and everyone came together along with the spirit that everyone shared. They knew what to do without anyone even telling them and that is the attitude that I feel, made it so successful.

“Honestly if anyone asked me to create another TV station in three months, I would have to think it through as to avoid having a heart attack,” he said jokingly.

He said this when met at TVS office at CityOne Megamall today.

Suhaimi, who is also a renowned broadcast personality, said he doesn’t see his responsibility as ‘work’ and instead, loves what he is doing.

“I guess if everyone in this organisation is sharing my passion, it will be successful and vice versa.”

He added he will not be surprised to see TVS becoming the number one TV station in Malaysia after one year.

However, he said it is more important to put emphasis on the people’s view on the TVS brand name, adding that TVS offers international standard in its locally made programmes.

Suhaimi also said TVS’ next mission would be to further improve its quality and meeting the expectations of the people.

“We are not going to relax. It is a continuous improvement. It is pride and I take a lot of pride in this brand. Everyone here is also proud.”