Youth’s take on iconic hit song well-received

The Triple Beats

SIBU: The remake of Michael Jackson’s hit song ‘Heal The World’ by Sibu Jaya’s youth garnered positive feedback from netizens and various parties.

The video produced by Louis Fernandez Sangah, 19, along with six other schoolmates was a tribute to frontliners in the battle against Covid-19.

Calling themselves the Triple Beats, Louis said they were inspired to come up with a remake after being put under lockdown by the pandemic for an extended period of time.

“We were restless and looking for a way to express ourselves. In a way, I guess we also wanted people to know that the youth do care and share the frustrations and pain arising from the Covid-19 pandemic,” Louis said.

Together with Mag Dalena Bidang Jugah, Lydia Exebelle Simbah Terence Sumping, Mosidi Anggat, Celvinkin Chukin, Acemark Arudit, and Sharon Cyrena Abot, they sang, recorded and edited the music video on their own.

According to them, they took three weeks to practice the song, as well as recording to post-production.

“The most challenging aspect of the video was the little time we had and the lack of resources. This is because we do not have the appropriate recording equipment and we have lower-end computers and handphones,” Louis explained.

Additionally, the teenagers shared that they faced challenges with the practice sessions.

“We had to train virtually through Google Meet which was troublesome and less effective. On top of that, some of us had to work, while others had classes to attend.”

On the bright side, Louis said they learned a lot and were thankful that the result was encouraging.

“We are the first to admit it’s not the best video. It’s far from being the best but we will continue to work harder and from the experience of doing this first video, we are now in a stronger position to come up with something better in the future.”

The teenagers’ hard work can be viewed via YouTube by searching for the video titled ‘Heal Malaysia (Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal The World’ Remake) by SJ Youth’ or via the link (

It has garnered over 1,100 views since it was uploaded on Oct 1.

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