4m-long python found underneath house

APM personnel with the four-metre-long python.

MIRI: A man found a four-metre-long python tightly wrapped around a pet chicken underneath his house in Kampung Wireless early this (Wednesday) morning.

Fearing for his own safety, the 43-year-old house owner immediately called an emergency service for help. By the time help arrived the chicken was already dead.

“I was walking around the house this morning when I noticed my pet cat acting weird,” said the man.

He only noticed the snake when he approached the cat.

A team of Miri Civil Defence force (APM) personnel led by Sergeant Bohari Abdullah was deployed to the scene after being informed at 7.48am.

According to Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) officer Usman Harto, it took his men less than 10 minutes to remove the python from the house.

After it was captured, the snake was later released into the wild.