All in a day’s work for media mothers


KUCHING: It’s Mother’s Day. It falls on the second Sunday of the month of May and this year the occasion is observed today.

As is usually the case it is the day when everyone, both young and old, gushes about their mother, buys her roses, a bottle of wine or even a meal at a swanky place if they don’t mind the little extra they have to fork out to pay for the same which cost much less at other times of the year.

But everyone does it anyway for this is not the time to quibble about being taken for a ride by ever-greedy eateries and generally business outlets selling stuff your mother likes. So like a lamb being led to its slaughter, every boy, girl, man and woman willingly falls for it – if only to expressly show their undying love for their mother.

And without fail at this time each year there will be countless stories in the media of men and women extolling the virtues of their mothers.

Some filial adoration, some moving tributes, some heartfelt posthumous memories and others outright boot-licking (probably by those who don’t have much time for their mothers the rest of the year!).

The occasion is chronicled in loving detail by the media each year but what about those bringing you these stories of endearment? Chances are most probably don’t spare a thought for women media practitioners, many of whom are also mothers. Who tells their stories? New Sarawak Tribune spoke to a few to get a grip on what makes them tick.

Yati Jaya, with her son and daughter for a family picture.

Yati Jaya, who has worked for 17 years as broadcast journalist in Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), admits that it is very challenging to juggle work as a journalist and her responsibilities as a single mother at the same time.

“When the day gets really busy with lots of events going on, sometimes I rarely spend time with my children. And when they go to school, it is another challenge where I need to balance my work with sending and picking up them by myself.

“But then, I am grateful that I have my aunt who helps me take care of them when I’m working,” she said, adding that she focuses on her two children when she gets back home, after working hours.

Jeakqleyn Yacho.

Jeakqleyn Yacho, who has worked for two years in journalism, readily concedes that it is not easy being a working mother as it needs high commitment at both ends.

“At the workplace, I must commit to my work, complete everything on time while as a mother I must not neglect my responsibilities towards my child and my family.”

She said everything boiled down to time management.

“These two responsibilities need good time management, if not, you will have a hard time,” she said.

Meanwhile, Zarina Abdullah, who has worked for four years as a reporter takes her responsibility as a mother as being part of a woman’s life.

Zarina and her daughter, Nur Qiesya Yuzrina.

“To be a working woman is an option of course but the current cost of living requires a wife to help her husband earn a living to support their family.

“But we do have flexible working times which I find is an advantage as it is quite easy for me to divide between working time and being with family.

“And I am grateful that my husband, my parents and in-laws are very helpful and willing to take care of my daughter when I am very busy with work,” she added.

All said, work-life balance is a constant struggle for mothers in the media but like mothers everywhere they meet their deadlines by the time each day is done.

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