An exclusive with ‘Flower of Evil’ stars

Released in July, the 16-episode Korean crime thriller “Flower of Evil” starred actors Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae-won. A suspenseful game of cat and mouse, the series is directed by Kim Cheol Kyu.

The show opened with Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) portrayed as the ideal husband, a perfect example of what a husband should be. But his accolades don’t stop there, as comfortable working around the house as he is working in his studio, Hee Sung can as easily fill the roles of father and husband as he can being a business owner and craftsman. But this perfect exterior hides some very dark secrets. Secrets he would rather his detective wife, Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won), never learn.

Unfortunately, secrets have a way of coming out and as a hard-hitting detective, it’s Cha Ji Won’s job to uncover as many secrets as she can, in her never-ending quest for the truth. Determined to bring an evil psychopath to justice, she dives deeper into a case, only to find that the criminal she has been chasing, may have been standing next to her all along.

As this drama exposes secrets from within, Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won shared their respective experiences surrounding ‘Flower of Evil’. Fans can catch the thriller series exclusively on IQIYI.

Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won

What are the challenges of acting different identities (police-and-criminal, and husband-wife) in this drama?

Playing a new character is always a challenge for me. From the aspect of character shaping, Ji-won is a great challenge for my acting skills. In the past 14 years, Ji-won has loved her husband deeply, and deemed her husband the only one in her eyes. Yet after discovering her husband’s hidden secret, she misses no detail of her husband’s inadvertent words or actions, carefully observing and suspecting her husband all the time. The co-existence of love and suspicion makes Ji-won’s life like walking on a tightrope.

When playing the character, I had to show not only the inner suffering of Ji-won, but also her complex relationship with her husband. I’d also made a lot of effort to get a better grasp of the character. I’d think from Cha Ji-won’s perspective instead of Moon Chae-won’s. While studying the character, I kept asking various questions and sought answers from Cha Ji-won’s perspective. And slowly I began to understand Ji-won’s thoughts and actions. I did my best to interpret the character, portraying the intricate emotion lines and the delicate and tense relationship between the wife, as a criminal police officer, and the husband, a murder suspect.

What made you interested to act this drama after a two years hiatus?

I was first attracted by the series’ deep and dramatic theme. The characters and theme of the series are very special. It neither tells stories of daily life nor expresses emotions and thoughts at a certain moment, which is unique. So I felt it was very different from the previous works.

What do you think of your character?

At the end of episode six, Ji-won says “I only believe what I see.” This line is a good expression of the characteristics of Ji-won. I think Ji-won is a figure who’s not to be influenced by the prejudices of others and always sticks to her beliefs.

What’s your most memorable experience during the shooting of the series so far?

I found the cooperation with the fascinating actors and staff the most memorable. Suddenly realising some of the content that I’d not thought of before while discussing the script with seniors and colleague actors, I’d be able to shoot scenes better fitting the work combining everyone’s opinions. I’m very proud that I was able to contribute to the creation of this amazing work. It was thanks to the on-site guidance of director Kim Cheol-kyu that we could exert 100% of our acting skills. I’m very happy to be able to work with so many excellent people and produce such a good cooperation result!

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi

Initially, you were hesitant to play the role of Baek Hee-Sung, what made you change your mind?

Although I found the plot quite interesting when reading the script, and I was also fascinated by the story, I still felt it’d be difficult to play the character. However, to present the audience with a whole new image completely different from the previous works, I decided to take the challenge in the end. Baek Hee-sung does not show his feelings easily, so to interpret this character’s feelings better, I paid special attention to details during the performance.

Among the character’s multiple identities: father, husband, and murder suspect, do you find it difficult to play each role?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think I’m mature enough to interpret the roles of husband and father perfectly.

It’s already hard to interpret just one of them. Playing both this time had been a great challenge for me.

But I feel it’s something that an actor must go through in their career. This series was the first work I starred in after my long break. I wanted to show the audience a new look, and that was why I chose to play this character.

Your character has a dark criminal history, yet he fell in love with a policewoman full of justice. Why do you think your character will fall for someone who is the absolute opposite of himself?

For Do Hyun-soo (Baek Hee-Sung primary identity), Cha Ji-won is the only one he has ever met who has no prejudice against him. Ji-won’s innocence is like a precious gift to Hyun-soo. It’s the first time he has experienced such emotion, and also one of the major reasons he finally decided to marry her. For Hyun-soo, Ji-won’s appearance is predestined.

What do you think of your character?

The character I played in the series loves his wife deeply while hiding his past. It was a great challenge for me. During the preparation, besides studying the character’s eyes and expressions, I also conducted detailed and in-depth research on the character’s reaction to the interacting actors, the image shaping of the character itself. As an actor, I’ve always been working hard to present my new look. I hope that the audience can see my effort through this and enjoy it.

What’s your most memorable experience during the shooting of this series so far?

For me, every day spent on site is unforgettable and precious. Everyone was working toward a common goal, and everyone was trying to do their best. Seeing the way everyone worked, I also felt encouraged. As everyone on the location passed around positive energy, we completed the shooting of the series in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.