Army thwarts smuggling bid

A soldier inspecting the goods on one of the lorries in Serikin.

BAU: An attempt to smuggle out controlled goods worth more than RM80,000 using two lorries was thwarted by the army in Serikin on Monday.

The First Infantry Division said a patrol team spotted the lorries travelling fast towards the Malaysia-Indonesia border at 11pm.

The team managed to stop the lorries about 500 metres from the border to inspect their loads.

Two local drivers, when questioned, said the lorries had to be driven to the Malaysian-Indonesian border.

“Inspections found a total of 1,314 boxes and 100 sacks of controlled goods such as peach gum, bamboo shoots, vegetables, rock salt, seedless crystal dates, red bean curds, tan chai (a type of preserved vegetables), Milo, eggs and detergent.

“The confiscated goods are worth RM85,260 while the seized lorries are worth RM63,000, bringing the total seizure value to RM162,480,” said a military spokesperson.

The men and goods were taken to the police station for further actions.

Twenty minutes later, two men on a motorcycle were arrested by security personnel at a mounted roadblock.

They told the authorities that their purpose of entering Indonesia was to send money to family members who were in Bengkayang hospital, Indonesia.

Despite that, the two individuals were arrested as they were suspected to be from the same group as the detained lorry drivers.