Ho (seated fifth left) with Datuk Hii Teck Yun (seated fifth right) and other guests at the event.

MIRI: The business community and state government need each other’s support because every policy made by the government has significant effect on the business community.

“Several policies have been made after the change in the country’s political landscape. For example, we previously had the GST (Goods and Services Tax) but now we have SST (Sales and Services Tax),” Malaysia-Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietors’ General Association president Datuk Ho Su Mong said in his speech at the association’s 43rd Gala Night and Annual Dinner at a leading restaurant here on Saturday.

The function was attended by more than 500 members of the association and guests.

Ho also pointed out that although many policies have been implemented, he questioned whether they (policies) have benefitted the people or created pressure on them.

He hoped that whatever policies implemented, the government will look into the best ways to help the people.

“I hope the government can help coffeeshop operators to grow their business by adopting and implementing business policies that are more community-friendly,” he said, adding that in order to improve the nation’s economy there must be a win-win situation between the government and business community.

Meanwhile, the guest-of-honour, a prominent local businessman Datuk Hii King Chiong encouraged coffeeshop owners to try and adopt new technologies in their business operations.

King Chiong’s text of speech was read out by Federation of Miri Division Chinese Associations chairman Datuk Hii Teck Yun.

“With the growth of the digital era, we have to change and adopt modern technology in our business, be creative and evolve to be relevant. Transform to cater more businesses,” he pointed out.

King Chiong also touched on the recent smoking ban at eateries which was implemented in the state on March 1.

“I hope the government can give coffee shop owners more time to adapt to the rules and regulations of the smoking ban,” he said.

During the event, King Chiong also pledged RM10,000 to the Miri Coffeeshop Owners Association, while some invited guests each gave RM3,000. Datuk Ho Su Mong also presented a cheque for RM5,000.

Also present were Senator Alan Ling, Miri mayor Adam Yii, Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting, Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon and Miri Coffeeshop Owners Association chairman, Lau Ting Sing.