CNY more of family affair this year

Tang Ing Ping

MUKAH: This year Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration will be more of a family affair for the Chinese community here amid threat of Covid-19 pandemic.

In compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs), CNY celebration will be no difference to Christmas, Gawai and Aidilfitri.

The authorities did not encourage public gatherings or celebrations involving many attendees to curb the spread of Covid-19 infection and prevent the creation of new clusters.

Dalat and Mukah District Council (MDDM) councillor Tang Ing Ping was among those who prioritised health and safety for the interest of his family and others too.

He said he supported the authorities call for not encouraging to the people to hold open house which involves many people.

“If we cannot celebrate CNY this year like what we used to do in the previous years, just wait for next year or until Covid-19 pandemic ended,” he told New Sarawak Tribune today (Jan 30).

Stationery shop owner, Tang, in his thirties, added for now and the next few months we have to comply with the SOP to help break the chain of Covid-19 infection.

Chua Hian Liong

Meanwhile, motorcycle and bicycle mechanic, Chua Hian Liong, 69, said there are many other useful things that we can do if we cannot celebrate CNY like what we used to do previously.

He said there was nothing much we do amid Covid-19 pandemic, but to adhere to the SOP for the benefit of all of us.

Chua added one of the things we can do is to simply relax healthily during the two-day holidays.

“For me, I may go to my fruit orchard a few kilometres away or take care of my backyard garden and do something beneficial, as this certainly will help in generating extra income,” he added.

Chua said for others who have orchards, they may also go there and do something, as this was also a form of exercise.