Contractor told to reduce traffic jams at Mile 7 junction


KUCHING: The Public Works Department (JKR) has instructed the contractor to re-evaluate and improve the traffic management plan to reduce traffic congestion at around the Mile 7 junction.

JKR Sarawak said recently, the contractor has prepared an additional lane in front of Borneo Museum House at Mile 7, Kota Sentosa whereby previously there was only one lane.

Through the monitoring carried out by the traffic management team, it said, since the additional lanes, the traffic situation has slightly improved.

It added that the contractor has also been instructed to apply for assistance from the traffic police to control the traffic, especially during peak hours.

“In addition, the contractor has also established a mobile traffic team to regulate the traffic situation from time to time on a daily basis at where the construction areas are involved,” it said in a statement today (Oct 9).

JKR was responding to the issues raised by Stampin MP Chong Chieng Jen and the public regarding the traffic congestion at Mile 6, Mile 7 and Mile 10 due to the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway.

“For information, the construction work on the viaduct at the intersection of Mile 7 and Mile 10 is now progressing quite smoothly and it is likely that the closure period which was originally (starting September) required for three months will be shortened to two months only.

“It is expected that the Mile 7 junction will be reopened to the public on Oct 12  while the Mile 10 junction is expected to reopen by the end of this month,” it said.

Meanwhile, it said that the contractor has also informed that the Mile 6 junction will be closed starting Oct 15 for the construction of the viaduct and the surrounding area. And to reduce traffic problems, the contractor will provide two temporary lanes for the Kuching to Serian and Serian to Kuching routes.

“With the construction of the Mile 6, Mile 7 and Mile 10 viaducts now ahead of the original schedule, JKR Sarawak expects the Kuching Serian Road (KSR) alignment under the Work Package Contract 02 (WPC02) to be completed in March next year compared to the original schedule in April 2022,” it said.

Should there be any complaints, the public can submit them or follow the current developments related to the Pan Borneo Highway Project by contacting the Pan Borneo Highway Unit, JKR Sarawak at 082-230879 or through the respective social media accounts at its Facebook account: JKR Sarawak Pan Borneo Highway Unit; Instagram: JKRS Pan Borneo Highway Unit; YouTube: Pan Borneo Highway Unit, JKR Sarawak or via email at

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