Don’t give up easily

Dr Annuar shows photographs of needy people who have been helped by the appropriate parties.

SIBU: Coordinator of the Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (SDDMC), Dr Annuar Rapaee, on Sunday said he did not encourage the white flag movement.

He pointed out that it was not part of the Sarawak culture and that the white flag represented weaknesses. 

“Raising the white flag indicates surrendering to the crisis. We must endure our struggle and not give up easily.

“There are many other channels needy people can explore before waving the white flag. What matters is that attempts are made to fix the situation during this crisis,” said the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing during a live stream of the daily Covid-19 Sibu District updates on his social media.

Dr Annuar was commenting on the waving of white flags by several needy people who were renting houses/rooms near Jalan Tiong Hua, Hua Kiew, Lorong Lai Chee and other areas recently.   

The white flag movement, started by the people of Peninsular Malaysia, was adopted by the needy people in Sarawak to alert the public that they needed help, particularly food.

Dr Annuar, who is Assistant Minister of Education, Science, and Technological Research, pointed out that he had worked with numerous agencies and non-governmental organisations to solve the issues affecting those who raised the white flag. 

“Among the long-term assistance plans is we will assist certain groups, particularly those from B40, to apply for RM250 in state government assistance through BKSS which will be available for six months.”

“The Sibu Division Social Welfare Department has also visited the targeted areas to assist the needy with food aid,” he added.

Dr Annuar suggested that the needy contact agencies, NGOs, churches, mosques, and other organisations for assistance instead of raising the white flag. 

“We are not encouraging people to raise the white flag. Two of our MPs will provide food baskets,” he added.