Don’t use Ivermectin or untested alternative medications

By Nazrinzulaiqa Hasbi

KUCHING: The Health Ministry through its official Facebook page forbids the public to use Ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid-19.

It points out Ivermectin can cause adverse effects such as abdominal pain and diarrhoea and might lead to the worst effects such as lung damage and death.

Members of the public interviewed by New Sarawak Tribune yesterday (Aug 16) agreed that the unproven alternative in the treatment of Covid-19 would cause more harm than good as it had not been approved for use as a treatment or prevention against the virus.

They also agreed that the public should not believe in unproven alternative medicines or treatments for Covid-19 as suggested by some people in the social media.

There are many videos in the social media encouraging the use of Ivermectin although there is no proof that it is beneficial in preventing or treating Covid-19.

Nur Annis Syafilda Amran

Nur Annis Syafilda Amran, student

I urge individuals not to use Ivermectin or believe in untested alternative medications or treatments for Covid-19 prevention. Currently, there is no clinical evidence to support its effectiveness in that regard, and as we all know, Ivermectin is only used to treat or prevent parasites in animals.

Syazwan Syaqil Hamzah

Syazwan Syaqil Hamzah, medical assistant

We must know the differences between medicines and vaccines. Medicines are used to cure illnesses while vaccinations are used to prevent them. It is better for us to believe in vaccines that have been recommended by the government because they have been studied before.

Marcella Lindski Thomas

Marcella Lindski Thomas, physiotherapy trainee

If a medicine or a treatment is not recommended by doctors and not approved by the Ministry of Health, we should avoid using it. We should continue with the vaccines that have been approved because vaccines can boost our body’s immune system against Covid-19. Even if we are infected after vaccination, we will not experience severe side effects.

Hani Nuralisha Shahrudin

Hani Nuralisha Shahrudin, student

The use of untested medicine or treatments puts an individual at risk so we must consider the potential adverse effects. We cannot endanger our lives by using unapproved medications. Approved vaccines should be trusted because they have been thoroughly researched and certified by the Ministry of Health.

Nur Qurratu Ain Yusup

Nur Qurratu Ain Yusup, student

Do not use Ivermectin or unproven treatments or medicines to prevent Covid-19 infection. We should continue to choose vaccines to protect ourselves against Covid-19 because they have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

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