Ex-stewardess turns sambal queen

Nur Hanie’s sambal

By Siti Nurain Ratani

KUCHING: The implementation of the movement control movement (MCO) throughout the country has impacted nearly all sectors of the economy.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their jobs due to the closure in the business sectors.

One of them is sambal queen Nur Hanie Syahfira Mohd Raymie, 29, who previously worked as a stewardess for a famous flight company.

When she lost her job, the brave woman did not give up on life. She became a full-time housewife in September last year and started a sambal (chilli paste) company as a way to finance and support her family.

Nur Hanie is a big sambal fan and always buys it as a side dish for her meals.

“I love any types of sambal, especially the spicy ones, those that are sautéed or with soy sauce. I love to have them as appetisers,” she said.

Nur Hanie also enjoys making her own sambal as a hobby. 

Needless to say, she proceeded to use all of her savings to start her sambal business.

“I am thankful because my sambal business has received positive responses from the public,” she said.

Nur Hanie

Challenges of running a sambal business

Nur Hanie faces numerous challenges in her sambal business. 

“Sometimes, I get burns from hot water and have to go to the hospital for treatment,” she said.

Once, she had to stop doing her business for a short period of time while waiting for her injury to heal.

“I have never given up and will always be patient in running my sambal business. My mother always encourages me to persevere and to never give up,” she said.

Nur Hanie always prioritises cleanliness and safety when making her sambal.

“I make sambal for my family regularly. My family members, particularly my mother, suggested the sambal business idea to me because of my love for sambal,” she explained.

“I also ask my customers for reviews so that I can improve my sambal” she said.

Best-selling sambal

According to Nur Hanie, sambal cabik ijo (green chilli) and sambal belimbing (star fruit) are two of her best-selling sambal.

Apart from that, Nur Hanie also sells kantan flower sambal and red chilli sambal.

“The speciality of sambal cabik ijo is its texture. I also use herbs in my sambal,” she explained.

Nur Hanie said many people enjoyed star fruit sambal.

“The fruit is roughly cut and mixed with the sambal. The sour and spicy combination enhances the flavour of the sambal,” she said.