Five more under EMCO

KUCHING: The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) announced that five localities were put under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO).

The committee said that Rumah Jelaping Sumok, KM22, Jalan Tatau/Sangan in Tatau district had undergone EMCO from July 26 until Aug 8.

Kampung Muding in Simunjan district started its EMCO today (July 27) until Aug 9.

The other three villages in Kuching district put under EMCO are Kampung Telaga Air, Kampung Jawa Batu 12, and Kampung Bumbok — they will start their EMCO tomorrow (July 28) until Aug 10.

The committee had also announced the end of five clusters as of today (July 27) after recording zero cases in the past 28 days.

The said clusters are Jalan Cattleya Cluster in Miri district; Jalan Muara Cluster in Kuching district; Sungai Kakus Cluster and Nanga Belungai Cluster both in Tatau district; and Tebakang Dayak Cluster in Serian district.

“The state now has 81 active clusters; seven of them recorded 53 additional new cases,” it said.

On another note, the SDMC also reported that Tebedu district’s status is now yellow from red after recording four cases in the past 14 days; whereby the Sebauh district had finally turned green after recording no additional cases for the last two weeks.

As of today (Jul 27), the state now has 18 red status districts; five orange status districts; 13 yellow status districts; and four green status districts.