Five years for bid to kill cop

The accused being escorted out of the courtroom.

KUCHING: An unemployed man from Taman Hijrah, Bako near here has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for attempting to kill a policeman.

Magistrate Syarifah Fatimah Azura Wan Ali on Monday (June 21) ordered Mizi Mohamad, 24, to serve the sentence from the date of his arrest, May 31.

However, the accused would only be jailed for three years as all the charges against him carry a jail sentence starting from the date of arrest.

Mizi pleaded guilty to all three charges levelled against him under the Penal Code.

For the first charge, he was sentenced to five years imprisonment under Section 307 for attempting to kill ASP Mohd Fauzi Mohamad with a machete at close quarters.

For the second charge, Mizi was sentenced to one year in prison under Section 427 for damaging a police patrol car, resulting in damage costing RM3,000.

He was charged with committing both offenses at 12.30pm in Jalan Bako on May 31.

For the third charge, Mizi was sentenced to one year in prison under Section 506 for going berserk and threatening his father Mohamad Jenis, 64, at their house in Jalan Arawana, Taman Hijrah, Bako at 9am, May 31.

According to the facts of the case, the father reported that Mizi had taken his lawn mower, which was kept in the room upstairs, on May 31 at 9am.

When the father forbade Mizi from doing so, Mizi acted aggressively and threatened to injure him with a machete.

During the incident, Mizi also tried to stab his father, causing the latter to flee to his brother’s house to seek help.

On the same day at 12.30pm, Mizi was arrested by a police team, led by ASP Mohd Fauzi Mohamad.

Before the arrest was made, he ran amok and threatened to injure the policemen trying to calm him down.

Mizi then chased the policemen while swinging the machete at them. He also climbed on top of the patrol car’s roof, swinging the machete and causing damage.

As his actions were life threatening, police had to shoot him on the left leg.

Insp Mohd Adzmei Ahmad prosecuted while the accused was not represented.