High integrity a must for JKKK chairmen

Yussibnosh (second left) presenting a certificate to ketua kaum Bedari Masri as Hamdiah (left) and Peleadzman look on.

MUKAH: Chairmen of village development and security committees (JKKK) must have high integrity in leading their organisations so that they function effectively.

Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo said currently, a ketua kaum or tuai rumah was automatically appointed as chairman of a JKKK, compared to the past in which the leader was a different person.

He explained that the role of a JKKK was to assist the district and resident offices in the administration of areas at grassroots level under the former’s jurisdiction.

“The chairman of a JKKK must have high integrity, if not, he or she will not be respected,” he said when officiating at the close of the Mukah district-level Community Policing Empowerment workshop here on Thursday (Nov 26).

He added that as a leader, the chairman must not misuse his position for personal gain, but work to serve the community.

According to him, it was also important for a chairman to call for a meeting when necessary, to discuss relevant matters or issues affecting the community, including development projects.

Yussibnosh advised JKKKs to keep minutes of each meeting and other records properly, particularly the annual report.

He added that it was also imperative for a JKKK to play its role in community policing such as assisting in maintaining law and order, protecting the environment, maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Yussibnosh also presented certificates of appointment to chairmen of newly-formed JKKK in a few areas in the district.

Some 160 participants attended the one-day workshop, which featured talks from Mukah district office, Sarawak veterinary services department, health department, national unity and integration department, and the police.

Mukah Resident Hamdiah Bakir and acting district officer Peleadzman Ahip also attended the event.