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By Petronella Langita Felix  

KUCHING: Sarawakians living in the state’s southern region are hoping that a return to normalcy will come soon.

Currently their area is still waiting for the third phase of the National Recovery Plan (NRP).

Among the things that they are looking forward to under the next NRP phase is inter-district travel which would allow them to return to their hometowns and meet their families after being separated all this while, they pointed out.

At the same time, they are hoping that they can resume activities that involve weddings and small gatherings as now Kuching, Samarahan, Serian, Lundu, Bau, Tebedu, Simunjan and Asajaya are entering the next phase of the recovery plan.

With the relaxations given, members of the public are also hoping that they can go sightseeing in the state while helping to revive domestic tourism.

Musyirah Mustapha

Musyirah Mustapha, 26, Admin executive

I think Serian being postponed from shifting to NRP phase three was a good move by the government, given the increasing number of cases. Once we move on to the third phase, I look forward to travelling inter-district, and to finally hold my wedding which I have postponed numerous times because of this pandemic.

Syed Abdull Rahaman

Syed Abdull Rahaman, 42, Printing business owner

Although a little disappointed with the postponement, it was best for everyone. Hopefully when entering phase three, all business activities will operate as usual, especially the tourism industry. I hope to have a chance at going for a vacation again, even if it is only within the state.

Cornelia Veneda Benta

Cornelia Veneda Benta, 24, Student

With the next phase, I want to travel across districts to meet with friends and family without restrictions from the state authority. Presently, I don’t have issues with the postponement of the southern zone of entering NRP Phase 3 in Bau since it is still risky for us to travel anyway.

Hasanah Abdullah @ Roseline Lungin

Hasanah Abdullah @ Roseline Lungin, 46, Housewife

I look forward to the inter-district travel to be allowed through NRP Phase 3, so I can visit my family in Bintulu because I haven’t had the chance to go home since the beginning of the pandemic last year. I also wish to play tourist around Sarawak, visiting beautiful places while also contributing to the recovery of the state’s tourism sector.

Shawn O’Neil Kelly

Shawn O’Neil Kelly, 23, Student

It was a wise decision that the plan to move Samarahan into NRP phase 3 was postponed, considering the fluctuating number of daily Covid-19 cases recorded and the presence of Delta variant. Once it is safe and decided that we can move on to phase 3, I look forward to go back to my hometown in Sri Aman.

Roslina Minah

Roslina Minah, 24, Manufacturing assistant

Once the number of cases shows a downtrend and we’re allowed to move on to Phase 3, I wish to visit my family in Betong whom I have not met for quite a long while. I think the government’s decision to postpone the shifting for the southern zone was indeed necessary to curb the fluctuating number of Covid-19 cases.

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