Little Aadra has superb memory

Siti Aishah hopes Aadra can contribute to the community in future.

By Ekamiezza Kamil

Aadra Fatihah Mohd Zulkarnaen is only five years old but she has good memory skills.

She was able to memorise 52 surah al-Quran and juz Amma when she was just four years old. 

“Aadra can memorise things just by looking and hearing,” said her mother Siti Aishah Ramli.

She added her daughter loved mathematics and could also solve Year One and Year Two maths problems.

“For me, this is a positive development for Aadra. 

Every time after showering, she will immediately take out a book and pencil and start learning. 

“However, like other children, Aadra also loves to spend her time watching television or playing gadgets.

“Since the age of four, Aadra has been good at using the WhatsApp application to send messages to me because she is already good at spelling,” said Siti Aishah.

She also said Aadra loved acting and was fortunate to be in a video entitled “Wira 2020”, which was dedicated to frontline workers fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

“Besides that, Aadra also has a talent for playing the violin and since last year, she has managed to play some songs that were taught to her,” she added. 

However, Aadra’s ambition is to become a hair designer because she loves styling hair.

“Maybe at this age, she does not understand the meaning of ambition but as a parent I must always pray for the best for Aadra.

“Of course, as parents, we also have hope that she will be a useful person and contribute to society,” said Siti Aishah.

Asked about the secrets behind Aadra’s development, Siti Aishah said, “I just prioritise discipline in her daily routine.

“Discipline is the main key to developing and educating children so that they become versatile and independent individuals,” she added.

To Siti Aisha, Aadra is not an extraordinary child.

“She is just special to me and my husband. She is a child who listens to everything we say.”   

Aadra is casted in a video entitled “Wira 2020”, which is a tribute to frontline workers fighting against Covid-19.