Looking forward to the booster shots


By Rachel Mina & Aisyah Azzahra Suhiri

KUCHING: The general public is willing to take the Covid-19 booster shots, expected to be administered in October.

In the few past weeks, Sarawak has continued to record a high number of daily cases — 5,291 on Sunday (Sept 12), the highest-ever single-day figure since the Covid-19 cases were detected in Malaysia.  

Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, at a press conference on Thursday (Sept 9), pointed out that the sharp increase in number of cases might be due to the wanning effect of vaccines.

With that, Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) advisor, Dr Sim Kui Hian said that the state had already begun planning and preparing for booster doses, especially for those who still had no immunity or whose immunity had waned.

In light of the issue, New Sarawak Tribune polled the public for their thoughts on the government’s decision to start the third dose with Sarawak as the first state.

Aaina Mohd

Aaina Mohd, student

Vaccines are proven to be effective so I am willing to take the third dose to protect myself and the people around me as the cases are increasing rapidly.

Cassandra Henry

Cassandra Henry, teacher

If the third dose is necessary to minimise the effects of Covid-19, why not? However, no matter how many doses we get, if each person does not focus on other important prevention methods, or takes personal responsibility for his/her own health, then even 10 doses are useless. 


Jomling Koling

Jomling Koling, self-employed

If an additional dose is required to boost our immune system and is advised by our medical experts, I have no problems going for it. 

Muhd Rabbani Abd Salam

Muhd Rabbani Abd Salam, general worker

I’d take the booster vaccine. With the Delta variant contributing to the high number of cases daily, a booster is crucial for us to gain protection and help stop the virus from spreading more rampantly.      

Vanessa Rena

Vanessa Rena, student

I’d go for the booster shot. The virus has evolved, and it will continue to evolve as time goes by. The booster shot will help the immune system by providing additional protection for myself as well as those around me.

Carol Awa

Carol Awa, Customer Relationship Management personnel

I agree with the initiative. However, let us ensure that all Malaysians have at least two doses of the vaccine first. Then the state can begin to consider a third dose of the vaccination.