Policemen escort the suspects to CPS.

MIRI: A 53 year-old man and his two adult sons were detained by police for allegedly possessing homemade firearms at a house in Kampung Beraya Batu Satu Bakam, Bekenu on Wednesday night.

A police team led by ASP Unang Giang, raided the house at 8.30pm and nabbed the three suspects in an operation code name ‘Ops Laras’.

During the arrest, the cops also discovered and seized three home-made shotguns.

The shotguns were found in a bush in front of the house.

Policemen bring the seized shotguns to Miri Central Police station (CPS).

The siblings, aged 27 and 28 years, their father were detained to facilitate investigations.

Police believed that the suspects made shotguns for sale to customers.

Preliminary investigations revealed that one shotgun could be sold up to RM3,000.

Miri police chief ACP Lim Meng Seah confirmed the arrest.

The case is being investigated under Section 8(a) of the Firearms Act 1960.