Mixed reaction from Sarawakians


KUCHING: As Malaysians, nothing is more patriotic than showing one’s love for the Malay language and history. Hence having a pass in both subjects in the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examination is crucial.

In fact, SPM candidates who fail in core subjects such as Malay and History still have another chance to get the certificate.

According to a statement issued by Senior Minister of Education Datuk Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin, they can sit for the SPM Repeat Examination (SPMU) which is held every year.

But some Sarawakians disagree with the ministry’s decision to allow them to repeat these two subjects, saying that it is compulsory for Malaysians to be fluent in the national language besides knowing their history well.

HATTA ARABIi, 55 (Retired teacher)

(Retired teacher)

I absolutely don’t agree. As a parent I don’t agree if you fail BM (Bahasa Melayu) and history, you can still get a certificate because we are talking about quality. To test the quality of education, there must be a test that needs to be passed. It is the duty of Malaysian citizens to be fluent in the Malay language as required by the constitution. We, as Malaysians, should never take Malay and history subjects for granted.



I think a failure in BM or history or both resulting in a secondary school student to fail the entire SPM examination is kind of orthodox and no longer relevant in this era. The Ministry of Education should revisit this set of rules and maybe can try to see which subject carries more weight that gets more demand in this present time, especially for our SPM candidates. Not saying that BM and history are not important, but we need to tag along with how world has changed and focus more on the subject that can develop a skillset of our pupils. This way, they will have a good target on what our next generation wants to be and, at the same time, we are able to prepare and develop their skillset that the world wants.



Students should be required to pass in history and Malay, the official language enshrined in the country’s constitution. The subject of history is to strengthen self-identity among students and foster the spirit of love for the country.



SPM students who failed their core subjects such as Bahasa Melayu and history should be given their SPM certificate so as to help them to look forward into any careers that suits their academic qualifications. Furthermore, it will help them to be acknowledgeable and set their own path in technical skills and also help them to develop some potential as entrepreneurial, hard labour and so on and so forth. So, the students will feel that they still have a chance to become somebody who contributes to society in the future.



I disagree if students who failed can still get their certificate. As a Malaysian, both subjects need to be mastered by the younger generations.

KHATIJAH SIMPOL, 54 (Housewife)


If our younger generation has been neglecting the importance of the Malay language and history, is it possible for our heritage to be extinct in future?

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