More vaccination centres wanted for Tamin

Recipients at the Selangau Multipurpose Hall last Sunday.

SELANGAU: Tamin assemblyman Christopher Gira Sambang suggested the Health Ministry to open more vaccination centres (PPV) in his constituency so that the vaccination process can be speeded up.

According to him, the existing centre located in Selangau town (Selangau Multipurpose Hall) is not enough for the needs of all residents in his constituency as it involves a very large area.

“A survey from my team found that the existing PPV receive around 1,000 to 1,200 recipients a day.

“Therefore, I propose that more centres to be set up at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ulu Balingian, Sekolah Kebangsaan Pasai Siong Hilir and Skuau Multipurpose Hall as the three areas cover a large number of settlements and population, and they are able to be centres for the surrounding residents so that residents do not have to go to PPV that are far from their homes.

“In addition, I also request the ministry to add more staff at the PPV so that the vaccination process will run smoothly,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Sibu Health officer Dr Teh Jo Hun when contacted to give a response regarding Gira’s application replied that his party would try to open more centres in the constituency.

He added the ministry would also set up mobile vaccination centres for the needs of the rural people who do not have road access (in Tamin state constituency).

“With the addition of PPV and mobile units, I believe the vaccination rate of the people in Selangau can be accelerated,” he said.

Earlier, pictures showing the crowded condition of the Selangau Multipurpose Hall last Sunday and Monday went viral on social media.

It is believed that the residents also had to wait until night for their turn to receive the vaccine due to the very large number of recipients at the centre.