KAPIT: Hulu Rajang MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong is concerned over the move by Sarawak Forestry Corporation’s (SFC) Enforcement Unit in seizing wild boar meat at the jungle produce market here recently.

He called on SFC to be flexible in their enforcement of the Wild Life Ordinance. “I would like to remind them that wild boar (meat) is an Iban staple food and their source of protein.”

He added: “We live off the jungle, we obtain our food from the NCR land. That is our source of food. This has been practised since ancient time.”

He pointed out that “if the Ibans (Dayak) are not allowed to kill and eat wild boar, which is our way of life, then we asked the authority concerned to fence our land so that wild animals would not wander and encroach on our land.”

Ugak (eighth from left) handed over the plastic carpet to the 34-door longhouse of Rumah Seman Japing, Sungai Tunoh.

“To me, SFC should focus on curbing illegal logging. That is important to me because illegal loggers have encroached on our land. Illegal logging should be stopped because our valuable wood is stolen and the government loses in terms of revenue collection,” commented Ugak to the media.

He handed out assistance in the form of plastic carpets to the 34-door Rumah Seman Japing, Tunoh recently.

The longhouse was affected by flash floods on Jan 2, affecting some 300 inhabitants.