Online shopping need improvements

By Umie Syazwanie Mohd


KUCHING: Several improvements must be made to ensure a more seamless and hassle-free experience when shopping online, said members of the public.

They pointed out that issues pertaining to security and delivery of the items purchased must also be addressed.

In terms of business etiquette, they added that the onus was on the sellers to make their operations transparent to their customers. For example, they should not resort to manipulative or even false advertising to mislead potential buyers.

The public also feel that customers must not be too gullible and aware of unscrupulous sellers to avoid being cheated when snapping up deals online.

Dayang Suriatulfatihah Awang Alli

Dayang Suriatulfatihah Awang Alli, Student

Goods are often lost and deliveries are slow. The procedure of solving problems with sellers is complicated, especially for those who are not IT-savvy. I suggest further improvement to the delivery service and call for sellers to be more honest for the sake of the public.

Victor Agan

Victor Agan, Student

It is important for us to be smart shoppers to make our online shopping experience memorable. Online websites need to be improved, especially in terms of speed. Frequent online shoppers are faced with slow page loading times.

Mohd Aznil Jaraiee

Mohd Aznil Jaraiee, Student

I am not happy with the courier and seller service in online shopping. This is because there are some irresponsible parties who are into false advertising. Goods are sometimes damaged upon arrival and even opened during transport. The authorities should improve the security of the delivery system so that the goods are more secure and safe.

Rosmawati Zaini

Rosmawati Zaini, Nursery assistant

While I am satisfied with the services given by the sellers, the delivery of the goods is a let-down as sometimes the goods are damaged. My suggestion is to give counselling to delivery service workers so that they are more responsible.

Soviyanti Karmani

Soviyanti Karmani, Admin assistant

So far, there is no problem with my online purchases. My suggestion is to improve the system to make it easier for consumers to know where the goods they order are at a given moment.

Mohd Azman Salam

Mohd Azman Salam, Salesman

I have received fake items from sellers and experienced slow courier service. I suggest the security be improved as there are issues. There are also cases of fraud from some sellers. The courier services must also be upgraded for goods to be delivered quickly.