Padawan police visit villagers to enhance rapport

POLICEMEN and villagers in a photo during the visit.

PADAWAN police personnel posing for a photo during the visiting trip.

SOME of the Padawan police officers and personnel ascending a hill during the visit to Kampung Sapit.

KUCHING: Padawan police yesterday afternoon made a visit to Kampung Sapit Padawan to
foster greater ties.

At the same time the visit could be used in educating them on the crimes at the border which is rampant due to the presence of illegal immigrants.

Kampung Sapit is close to the Indonesian border and is 32 kilometres in terms of distance from the Padawan police station.

The police officers and men met up with about 30 villagers to whom they distributed crime prevention leaflets and encouraged them to share any crime information with the men in blue.

A dialogue was held and villagers were worried with crimes of firearms and drugs besides thefts of motorcycles.

The meeting was organised by Special branch head there, ASP Yahya who said the motive of the meeting was to strengthen the ties between them and the villagers and at the same time to let them understand the duties of the police.

The villagers also requested that the construction of the border Security Control Post be sped up so that they have a better sense of security.