Palm sugar — a captivating aroma in Three Tea ice cream


By Diyana Samsuddin

THE aroma of palm sugar (gula apong) in Three Tea ice cream which was first introduced to Kuchingites will surely captivate the hearts of its fans to trigger the ice cream phenomenon in Kuching Waterfront.

The shop which is located in the Brooke era building, Sarawak Steamship LTD, started opening its doors last week and enlivened the atmosphere of the Kuching Waterfront which has been rather quiet since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the state in early 2020.

Commercialising palm sugar into ice cream branded as Three Tea is a latest product by Greenleaf Food & Beverage Sdn Bhd.

Its director, Lester Ong, described palm sugar as the essence of harmony and the unity of Sarawak.

“The aroma of palm sugar… we all like it because when we put it in our cooking recipe, the food is delicious. If it is included in a drink, our drink will also be delicious,” he said when met by Suara Sarawak.

Believing in the authentic delights of Sarawak in palm sugar, Ong said the Three Tea ice cream is the latest product of his company which is now 13 years old.

“So far, our ice cream has two flavors, namely Kopi Special Karamel Gula Apong and Teh C Special Karamel Gula Apong,” he said, adding that the flavors were adapted from a canned drink released by the company recently.

The new Three Tea ice cream menu that went on sale from Sept 25. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

Seeing the unexpected response, Ong revealed that the ice cream smoothie menu option will be served starting this weekend.

“Matched with boba, the smoothie is also flavored with both coffee and tea which will be enjoyed with the same flavored ice cream mixed with oreo, nuts, cornflakes, chocolate chips and many more,” he said.

Ong acknowledged that for over a week, the company’s smoothie drinks have been receiving great response from the people of Kuching and the company wishes to diversify its existing menu.

“If someone doesn’t like to eat ice cream, then a smoothie is your best option because it will melt into water to soothe the throat,” he explained.

Ong revealed that his ice cream is now sparking a phenomenon on the Kuching Waterfront and the young businessman admitted that he did not expect Kuchingites to welcome his ideas and innovations.

“I am happy that the people of Kuching like it. We are honoured to welcome them here.

“I will make sure the quality and delicious taste of the caramel palm sugar in the ice cream and smoothies always meet the tastes of Kuchingites,” he said in a happy tone.

Ong added that the good response proves that palm sugar is considered the true value and taste of Sarawak.

On another note, he also shared that Greenleaf Food & Beverage was the first company in the country to produce canned drinks using caramel tea flavored with palm sugar including pandan and coconut milk.

“Make sure you enjoy tea and coffee in Greenleaf brand cans. It is very tasty,” he said.

Their tireless innovation, which took four years for its research and development (R&D) process, has successfully produced the tasty beverage which was launched in early 2020.

“This canned drink has successfully entered the market of neighboring country, Brunei and was recently marketed in all 7Eleven stores throughout Malaysia,” he explained, while revealing plans to open Three Tea ice cream premises in major cities throughout Sarawak.

“I want the people of Sibu, Bintulu and Miri to also taste the Sarawak delights of our brand,” he said.

Recently, Ong gave this writer the opportunity to prepare the smoothie and became the first individual in Kuching to taste the beverage.

As a caffeine enthusiast, the writer promises these two smoothies won’t disappoint you all. For those who want to know more, you can browse Facebook Three Tea Ice Cream Kuching.

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