Police hailed as heroes for keeping peace

Police PDRM

MIRI: The police here are being hailed as heroes for their ongoing efforts and hard work in solving and preventing crimes in the district.

Mirian Nur Zahirah Abdullah in a letter to local news agencies said swift action and commitment in crime detection and prevention by the local police – particularly the Miri Criminal Investigation Division (CID) – has brought confidence to the public in this resort city.

“The outstanding performance of Miri CID resonates well in the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) as they have shown exceptional skill in investigating and crime solving.

“Their ability to arrest the crime perpetrators within a short time is impressive and undeniable. This can be seen in the Miri CID’s Facebook page – an impressive resume for the police force,” she commended.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Miri CID and the leader behind this excellent team. The leader has shaped the team to become the best and most exceptional in discharging their duty as police officers.”

As an ordinary citizen Nur Zahirah noted that there were still rampant and needed concerted efforts from the local police to curb the menace.

“This crime has a chain effect that not only brings down a family unit, but it is also leeching into the social economy as we are at risk of losing our younger generation to drugs.

“Scamming activity is also a worrying crime that needs to be eradicated. More efforts should be put in to ensure Miri is a haven for society and not criminals,” she added.