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Reducing carbon footprint

KUCHING: PE Holdings Group of Companies has launched a campaign called ‘Journey to Sustainability’ in its commitment to reducing carbon footprint in

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KUCHING: PE Holdings Group of Companies has launched a campaign called ‘Journey to Sustainability’ in its commitment to reducing carbon footprint in conjunction with World Environment Day.

In adhering to the United Nations’ (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), PE Holdings is committed to ensure that current needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

One of the group’s initiatives towards this campaign is planting 197 new jasmine saplings in a premier parking lot of The Spring shopping mall here, a subsidiary of PE Holdings Group of Companies.

“The symbolic gesture behind this signifies new life and growth for the future,” said the group’s corporate affairs manager Lisa Ling.

The Spring’s Food Bazaar has also contributed by turning its food waste into compost, which is used to provide nutrients to the jasmine saplings.

“Our campaign will take us through a journey of learning behaviours such as recycling, energy saving, and taking care of our mental health and wellbeing.

“We hope that this can start a ripple effect whereby our colleagues will carry on with this behaviour and knowledge beyond the office and inspire their family and friends to do the same. Every person can play a part towards sustainability, looking out for our future generation,” said Ling. 

Other activities undertaken by PE Holdings Group of Companies include setting up recycling bins in its offices, setting KPIs of reducing electricity usage by 3 percent a year, introducing fitness classes and encouraging colleagues to use the in-house gym and stairs as well as providing information on healthy eating habits.

The group will also be contributing back to society by integrating the UN’s SDGs with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments.

The Spring has also been implementing programmes devoted to helping the environment through events such as ‘The Spring’s Operation Recycle’, a CSR campaign that tackles the issue of plastic pollution.

The Spring had collaborated with the brightest minds of Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus in developing an innovative idea of the first Recycling Vending Machine in Sarawak. The machine is placed in The Spring where shoppers are rewarded with an engaging recycling experience each time they recycle a plastic bottle.

PE Holdings Group of Companies managing director James Ling said, “I think that it is very important to acknowledge that the earth’s resources will run out if we do nothing about it and I am very proud of the group’s continuous efforts in building a culture that looks out for our future generation.

“This ‘Journey to Sustainability’ is just one of our first stepping stones and I encourage our team to continuously grow their efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and coming up with innovative ways to do so,” he added.