Ting (second left) with Linda (on his left) and Sarawak holding the Sarawak flag.

KUCHING: The flag of Sarawak will be going to be placed at the summit of Mount Murud in Ba’kelalan, Limbang.

According to Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Datuk Sebastian Ting, a climber Sakai Dawat will be climbing up the mountain and he will bring along the flag with him.

“Today, we are pleased to present our Sarawak flag to Sakai’s daughter Linda for her to pass to her father and help us put the flag on Mount Murud,” he told reporters in a simple handing over ceremony of the flag to Linda in Miri on Tuesday (Aug 11).

He said the reason for the flag to be placed on Mount Murud is because two weeks ago, a group of his friends went for a hike there and when they reached the summit, they found a flag of another state instead of Sarawak.

“And we think that this must be put right, because this is in Sarawak and this is the highest mountain in Sarawak, and for that, we should be proud of it,” he said.

Standing at 2,423 metres above sea level, Mount Murud is the tallest peak in Sarawak.