Satisfactory level of compliance from Samarahan folk

File photo: Policemen and soldiers manning the roadblock in Paradom.

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Residents in this district have shown a satisfactory level of compliance with the movement control order standard operating procedures (SOPs), says district police chief DSP Sudirman Kram.

He revealed that throughout the month of July, only two SOP-related compounds were issued.

Police also checked over 278,000 vehicles and 310,000 individuals passing through numerous roadblocks set up here.

“Of the total, 1,369 vehicles were ordered to turn back while 402 summonses for various offenses were issued at the roadblocks,” he said on Wednesday (Aug 11).

“Traffic congestion also occurred during peak hours involving the movement of people and frontliners to and from work, in addition to people going out to get vaccinated.”

On the implementation of Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan and inter-district movement, DSP Sudirman reminded that Phase 2 SOPs were still applicable and inter-district travel was not allowed except for essential services, employer confirmation letter or police permit until the SOPs for Phase 3 were officially out.

“I advise the people here to continue to abide by the SOPs set.”