SFC catches 2.27-metre croc in Pusa

A MEMBER of the SFC’s SWAT team hauling the crocodile up into a boat.
A MEMBER of the SFC’s SWAT team hauling the crocodile up intoa boat.

BETONG: The government’s crocodile culling and removal efforts undertaken by Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) are continuing in earnest, this time concentrating on the waters of Sg. Undai, Pusa, in response to the fatal crocodile attack on Besimillah bin Rajali, 46, recently.

“SFC’s Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) from the corporation’s headquarters and Sibu Office were deployed to the scene and operation commenced on 16 March, 2017.

“During this operation scheduled to last eight days, we have managed to cull a 2.27-metre female croc on Friday morning after only two days of operation,” said a statement issued by SFC yesterday.

“Seven baited hooks had been placed along the 3.0-kilometre stretch of Sg. Undai towards the river mouth. The female croc culled on Friday was snared about 100 metres from the site where Besimillah was attacked.

“We will continue to monitor the waters in the area in the hope of culling and removing crocodiles deemed dangerous from the river system,” added the statement. SFC, in the statement, went on to thank Betong’s Royal Malaysia Police for helping in the operation.

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