Simanggang rep visits police HQ to get latest updates

Harden (right) listening to a briefing.

SIMANGGANG: Police do not lack the expertise in sniffing out drug activities here despite the drug dealers’ ever changing modus operandi, says ASP Herman Rakey.

The Sri Aman District Police Headquarters (IPD) Narcotics Crime Investigation Department chief was speaking during a visit by Assistant Community Welfare Minister Datuk Francis Harden Hollis on Thursday (July 15).

Meanwhile, on border security, Sri Aman IPD Special Branch chief ASP Jorasan Chawat said the many illegal entry points (locally known as jalan tikus) had made it a challenge in controlling the entry of illegal immigrants.

“They’re (illegal immigrants) here mainly for economic opportunities, seeking jobs in various sectors, especially plantation and construction.

“There are also some who enter because they want to get necessities while others are visiting relatives,” he explained.

Harden listed three locations, namely Kampung Titikah, Sungai Putong and Kampung Temiang, as vital to stopping the entry of the illegals in future.

“At Kampung Titikah, the existing General Operations Force (GOF) post is not ideally located because the current location is in front of the longhouse and not behind, where the neighboring country’s border is.

“For Sungai Putong and Kampung Temiang, a permanent control post needs to be built.

“This is very important as Indonesia will be moving its capital from Jakarta to West Kalimantan.

“Our country will be more vulnerable to the influx of illegal immigrants.”

Harden, who is also Simanggang assemblyman, was welcomed by Sri Aman police chief DSP Bingkok John.