So what! I’m not stealing or begging

Wan Ahmad Nabil Wan Abdul Wahid provides door-to-door garbage collection service to support his family.

Ex-masseur offers door-to-door garbage collection service

I’m not ashamed of collecting garbage. I’m doing a halal job and I’m not stealing or begging,” said Wan Ahmad Nabil Wan Abdul Wahid, 30, who provides door-to-door garbage collection service to support his family.

The fifth of 14 siblings started collecting garbage from house to house and shop to shop in October last year and now he has more than 40 regular customers.

Wan Ahmad Nabil, who previously worked as a masseur, said he was inspired to initiate the garbage collection service after realising its potential and that it would be well received.  

“I never thought many people would need this kind of service and the number of customers is increasing after my sharing on Facebook,” he said.

Ahmad Nabil using his three-wheeled motorcycle to collect garbage.

Wan Ahmad Nabil is using a three-wheeled motorcycle to collect garbage in his neighbourhood in Kampung Kutan Sungai, Wakaf Bharu, near the district of Tumpat in Kelantan, as well around Kampung Baru, Taman SBJ Putra and Kota Kubang Labu in Pasir Pekan. 

“I will go to my customers’ houses to collect their garbage and later, I will throw them away at nearby rubbish bins,” said Wan Ahmad Nabil, who is also a disabled person.

He would impose a monthly charge of as low as RM30 per house and RM50 per shop premises depending on the distance between his house and the customer’s location.

“The farthest is almost six kilometres from my house and I only charge between RM40 and RM50,” said the PwD cardholder who also receives RM450 a month from the Social Welfare Department (JKM). – Bernama