SOPPOA welcomes Indon President

KUCHING: In conjunction with the visit to Sarawak by the President of Indonesia, Ir., Joko Widodo, yesterday, the Sarawak Oi l Palm Plantat ion Owner s Association (SOPPOA) warmly welcomed him and the delegates from the republic.

“It is indeed an honour for Sarawak that the President is making a historic visit to the state which shares the longest common border with the republic in Borneo,” said the association in a press statement. “SOPPOA is most grateful that Indonesia has been very supportive of the palm oil industry in the recruitment of workers for the estates here.

“All companies involved in the palm oil industry in Sarawak fully appreciate the hardworking Indonesian workers who come from various provinces throughout Indonesia and live harmoniously with each other as well as the local people here.

“The palm oil industry is also appreciative of the republic’s continued support for the supply of labour to Malaysia as culturally, religiously and ethnically, many of these Indonesian workers share similarities with Malaysians. As such, palm oil estates provide a conducive environment for these workers to make them feel at home while they are in Malaysia.”

The association added: “It is also noteworthy that Indonesian workers in Sarawak’s palm oil industry are provided with ample support during the duration of their stay while working here, including housing, transportation and medical, insurance and other benefits for their families.

“The industry fully subscribes to the requirements for these foreign workers as prescribed in the Labour Ordinance of the state. It is working towards providing skills training to these workers while they are working here.”

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