State Library to celebrate World Quran Hour June 7

KUCHING: Rumah Ngaji Sarawak will host the World Quran Hour programme in collaboration with Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak, MYDIN Vista Tunku, Islamic Information Center (IIC) and Sarawak State Library on June 7, from 10am to 11am at MYDIN Vista Tunku, Petra Jaya here.

  The Quran Hour is an hour reading Quran campaign which encourages every individual to read, understand and apply the values from the Quran in their daily lives from the soul of compassion.

  With the theme Read, Understand and Apply, the Quran Hour programme campaign has gained an achievement of 357 million social media viewers in 2017, compared to 87 million in 2016.

  The main goal of Quran Hour is to inspire and invite millions of people to interact with the Quran at least one hour a day continuously. It is an exclusive and special hour where it is hoped that nothing else will be broadcast or communicated except the Quran verses and voices of the Quran.

  Hence, to show support towards this Quran Hour campaign programme, the public are cordially invited to spend one hour of their time to recite the Quran either at school, mosque, office, bookshop or wherever they are.

  Members of the public can participate by uploading their photos of reading Al-Quran and use Quran Hour hash tag either on their media social Facebook, Instagram or Twitter respectively.

  On the day of the Quran Hour programme, there will be Al-Fatihah reading session and translation by Abang Rayyan Haqeemy Abang Shamsul Bahri, surah ‘Al-Baqarah’ and ‘Al-Hujura’ by Mohd Safwan Mahli and Tadabbur and Tazakkur of surah ‘Al-Hujurat’ by Ustaz Ihsan bin Khaidir.

 For more information, contact Razak Rambili or Muhamad Ali Abdul Wahab at 082-442000 ext 348/342 or email