Stolen meter and water wastage get on nerves

KUCHING: It’s bad enough having a water meter stolen, but when a report was made and still it wasn’t replaced, now this just smacks of incompetence.

Litres of water just going to waste — this was what a staff member of a state-based association found out, much to his chagrin.

“Water was already gushing from the pipe. The meter had been stolen,” he related when he discovered the crime at 8am.

A police report was made and the water board duly informed.

He was asked to pay RM68.40 and “all these were done on Monday”, he explained yesterday.

At press time, the water meter was still not replaced and water was still gushing out.

“The office toilets could not be flushed and there was no water to wash our hands,” he lamented, adding that he was sad to see water being wasted.

Water gushes out and wasted down the drain.