Subis residents get vaccinated at Sepupok PPV

Residents wait for their turn to receive their vaccines at the Sepupok Niah PPV.

NIAH: A total of 1,000 residents from Subis area received their first dose of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine at the Sepupok Niah Hall vaccination centre (PPV), yesterday (June 18).

The turn out and the feedback from the community was positive and they were grateful to have received the vaccine.

According to Information Department (JaPen) Niah, the local community now feels safe and protected after receiving their jab.

The vaccination programme at the centre is expected to continue until July.

Meanwhile, residents have requested the PPV coordinator to monitor the situation during the vaccination programme.

The residents are concerned that some people are not practising social distancing. Some are not satisfied with the internet access and communication line.

JaPen Niah assured that the relevant parties would take action on those issues for the common good.