Their favourite teachers and why

Happy Teachers Day

KUCHING: Teacher’s Day is a day set aside to recognise and honour educators for their contributions to education and society.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when no physical classes were allowed to take place, many teachers must have been struggling to adjust to the new norm to ensure that their students could receive adequate education.

In conjunction with theTeachers’ Day celebration tomorrow, the New Sarawak Tribune talked to members of public about their favourite teachers.

Jasnita Binti Ahmad Randurah, 20 years old, Student


I had a really supportive English teacher. The reason we became really close was the fact that I used to write essays every week and submit them to her. She would comment on my essays and advise me how I could improve my English.

My favourite memories of us have got to be when we would lost track of time because there was too much to talk about. And because of this, I would sometimes miss my other classes.

Leandro Mcrae, 26, Head of Centre

(Head of centre)

I would always remember my favourite Chemistry teacher, Madam Tee.

She used to pick me up from my house so that I could attend her additional class. She had great expectations for me and didn’t want me to miss it.

If I could meet her again, I would thank her for what she did and tell her how much she had inspired me to become an educator. However, I think she passed away in 2016.

Amylia Shafiqah Binti Saiful Elik, 27, Housewife


My favourite teacher in high school always treated me like one of her own children. In fact, she would treat all her students as if they were her own children.

If I could meet her now, I want to thank her for being my guiding light and inspiring me to do well in my studies.

Muhammad Zawani Bin Suhaimi, 21, Graphic Designer

(Graphic designer)

My fondest memory of my favourite teacher was getting a reward after I finished a task she gave to me.

If we ever meet again, I would like to say thank her for making me a grateful person.

Priscilla Rosa, 19, Student


I would always remember how my favourite teacher appreciated my every achievement and congratulated me with kind words.

Teacher, thank you for making me who I am today.

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