Two siblings rescued after their boat capsized

Abdul Halim being consoled by the villagers after he was found on a beach near Tunjang Resorts.

BALINGIAN: Two siblings were rescued after the boat they were in capsized at Kuala Sungai Sebuloh here on Wednesday afternoon (January 9).

The siblings, Adeni Seruji, 55, and Abdul Halim Seruji, 62, are from Kampung Kuala Balingian.

Mukah District Police chief DSP Jimmy Ak Panyau who confirmed the case pointed out that the Balingian Police Station received a distress call from a member of the public at about 7.50pm that night.

“It was regarding a capsized boat used by the siblings at the Pantai Tunjang area. One of them managed to swim to the beach to seek assistance from workers of Tunjang Resorts as the other sibling was still missing then,” Jimmy said.

Following the incident, he said a search and rescue (SAR) team was immediately formed comprising police, firemen, civil defence force personnel and villagers to look for the missing sibling.

“At about 8.31pm the villagers found the second sibling who was already very weak on a beach near the resort. The siblings were later taken to the Balingian Health Clinic for treatment,” Jimmy added.

He also said that the two were allowed to return home after treatment.

“Initial investigations found that the duo had gone out to sea at about 6am to catch jelly fish.

“At about 1.30pm, their boat was hit by a huge wave which caused it to capsize. They then kept afloat by clinging to floating pieces of wood and each other. 

However, the elder brother Halim suffered cramps in his leg and while Adeni was trying to pass a piece of floating wood to Halim they were hit by a strong wave which caused them to be separated. Adeni then decided to swim to the beach about one kilometre away to seek for help,” he said.

Expressing his relief that both siblings were saved, the police chief advised residents in the area to take extra precaution if they wanted to go out to sea during this time especially with strong winds and rough sea.