Union thanks teachers for their sacrifices

Ahmad Malie

KUCHING: The Sarawak Bumiputera Teacher’s Union (KGBS) wishes all teachers in the country, particularly those in Sarawak, a Happy Teacher’s Day.

In conjunction with Teachers’ Day on Sunday (May 16), KGBS president Ahmad Malie thanked all teachers for their sacrifices and efforts throughout the years.

“Teachers’ sacrifices and services are strongly valued at KGBS and since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the country, the union has noticed a surge in teacher efficacy.

“Indeed, KGBS identified the Covid-19 pandemic as a significant problem for teachers in ensuring that the school system continues to function for the interest of pupils.

“It is viewed as a problem to the world but from KGBS’ perspective, it has triggered teachers to be more proactive and innovative in providing education for the pupils.”

Ahmad added that the union was impressed by the teachers’ tenacity in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic impact.

“This is underappreciated in their efforts to teach while also curbing the Covid-19 virus.

“As a homage to these unsung heroes, KGBS wishes all teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day and thank you for all the sacrifices,” he said.