World Heritage Site status in 2020 for Santubong Archeological Park

Dr. Abdul Rahman Junaidi (centre) asking Dr. Charles Leh (left) of Sarawak Museum about the discovery of iron slags at Bukit Maras Santubong. Looking on are Kampung Santubong Headman Suhaili Kifli (third left), Khushairi Salleh (right) and others. Photo: Ramidi Subari

SANTUBONG: Santubong Archaeo-logical Park is set to become a World Heritage Site in 2020, revealed Sarawak Museum Department Deputy Director Dr. Charles Leh.He said the recognition of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is required for the realisation of that dream.

“The development of Santubong Archaeological Park will involve 11 archaeological sites including the Sungai Jaong, Bongkissam, Sungai Buah, Kampung Santubong and Batu Buaya.

“It will involve an allocation of RM6 million for the construction of facilities to be developed systematically starting this year,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Pantai Damai Assemblyman, Dr. Abdul Rahman Junaidi disclosed that the villagers who are directly involved with the development of the park will be trained to become tourist guides.

At the same time, he also welcomed the proposal of the villagers to engage in organising the “Archeology Day” to add the local iconic programme for tourism purposes.