55 households receive food aid from Swinburne

PGRS member Shella Georgina Beatrice handing over the food pack to KK William witnessed by (from left) Angela Thomas, Penghulu Gaup anak Takip, a JKKK representative from the village and members of PGRS.

KUCHING: The Postgraduate Research Society (PGRS) of Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus recently handed over food donations to 55 households in Kampung Tema Saan in Tebedu district.

A total of 87 food packs distributed were donated by its staff and students, friends, and associates of PGRS.

Kampung Tema Saan is a Bidayuh village in Tebedu district with about 339 people from 42 households, the village was part of a community detected with Covid-19 infections in June however the villagers have since received treatments and their vaccination.

“As one of the many socially responsible activities conducted by PGRS, this initiative aims to bridge the university with rural communities while helping to alleviate the difficulties of securing daily essentials within the community in Kampung Tema Saan.

“With the donation, we hope it will also lessen the financial burden of the affected community,” said Shella Georgina Beatrice who is the food donation committee leader.

She noted that the society also hopes that such an initiative can be replicated by similar societies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), especially in these difficult times.

PRGS also expressed its gratitude to Joseph Liaw, the district officer of Tebedu for giving his consent which enables the society to enter the village and for lending his support as well as assistance in making the food distribution a success.

Meanwhile, the village head (KK) William Batong had expressed his gratitude on behalf of the community for the donation and shared that it was tremendous help as many villagers are badly affected by the pandemic.

The food donation was presented to KK William at the operations room of the village, it was witnessed by Angela Thomas who is SAO for Tebedu district and Penghulu Gaup Takip.

Moreover, the donation drive was made possible by postgraduate students Shella and Yvonne Thian Yee Woon and facilitated by PGRS advisors, Dr Victor Bong Nee Shin and AP Dr Lau Bee Theng, with the assistance of Jasman Chai Yi Hao, President of PGRS and members Edwin Thou Mun Chuen and Alfred Tan Jia Yee.