A good living from making burgers
By:Annabell Naja Tommy
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KUCHING: Customers from all walks of life are drawn to Hamidon Hamidi, 36, a local burger business owner who has been in operation since 2012. He says he runs this business to supplement the family’s daily income.

“I run this giant burger operation and make patty burgers full-time.”
“Our business hours are from 7 to 1 am.,” he explained.

His company is located in front of Curry House, on Airport Road, next to Kuching Central.

“The challenge I usually face is when it rains and storms because there are fewer customers to visit and buy my burger,” he told the New Sarawak Tribune.

According to Hamidon, he promotes his business through social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

“Challenges in preparation that I have always faced when the supply of raw materials is cut off and the price of the materials required sharp rise.”

“Normally, I’ll get up and go out to get the necessary ingredients, make a patty, and prepare the ingredients to take to work.” I’ll leave home at 6 p.m. to go to the burger stand and begin doing business from 7 pm. to 1 am.

“Family, friends, and customers who inspire me to keep going,” he said.

His business ambition is to own his own shop, a branch, and to open his own patty burger factory.
“I had the idea at the time to make my own burger patty and a giant burger.”

At the end of 2012, I saw a show on television called “Jalan Jalan Cari Makan,” which was then hosted by Iqram Dinzly at Mr. Burn’s Grilled Burger, and it inspired me to make my own burger patty and giant burger. But at the time, I was in business and relied on patty ready.

“When I saw the show, it inspired me to make my own burger patty and a large size burger to make a difference.” Because, at the time, no one in Kuching Sarawak was making big burgers, and I wanted to do something different,” he added.

Because there was no one to teach him at the time, it took him three months to perfect his patty. He also attempted to open YouTube in order to learn how to make patty burgers and was assisted by a friend who works as a cook in a hotel in Kuching. They try to give each other ideas, but they don’t always think it’s perfect. They don’t give up and try again and again until they find their own recipe.

“When I succeeded in making my own patty, I asked my family and friends to taste it before I sold it to customers.” After I told my family and friends about it, they were blown away by the flavour of the patty. But at the time, I was still selling ready-made patty, which I mixed with homemade patty.

“I only run my own patty burger business and make different burger sizes after moving to a new place of business.”

“Alhamdulillah. When I ask customers about the taste of my burger, they are generally pleased. “In terms of the size, thickness of the meat, and flavour of the burger I make,” he explained.

Despite the various challenges he has faced, he hopes to persevere in the face of them.

“Perhaps one day, if I have the fortune, I will open my own shop and try to do so because that is what I want to do.”

“My advice to outside traders is to be patient in the face of any obstacles and challenges that may arise.” “Don’t give up easily; be honest and confident in whatever you do,” he added.

Customers can place an order by visiting Mydon Home Made Burger on Facebook or calling 016-9857336.

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