MIRI: It is indeed a happy moment for John Away when construction work to build his dream house begun, which he hopes will be completed by Christmas. 

John was selected as the first recipient of Naim Group of Companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) project called ‘Better Homes’, aimed to build dream homes for the less fortunate in Sarawak. 

The project is also part of the group’s 25th anniversary celebration, with community engagement and enhancement being the focus of the celebration.

John, a local Mirian, has spent more than ten years building a house for his bedridden wife and family. However, due to his age and health conditions, he feared that his dream might be unachievable.

“I can now see my dream becoming a reality. In fact, I’m still in disbelief that this is happening,” he said. 

John said he is looking forward to spending Christmas in his new house.

The construction crew of John’s new house which is expected to be completed in time for Christmas.

“It’s heartening to see the coming together of all volunteers to help me achieve my dream. This Christmas opens a new chapter for me and my family because for the first time in our lives, we will have a proper house,” he added. 

Naim’s regional general manager for Miri, Abang Mahathir Mohamed said the group contributed construction materials for the project, with works being done by staff and other volunteers including John himself. 

“We are happy to note that some contractors have also volunteered for the project. With everyone’s efforts, we expect to complete John’s house before this Christmas,” he said.