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KUCHING: The Sarawak Initiatives (TSI) is seeking help to identify experts in several fields who could assist them in shaping their aspiration of creating a Sarawak Identity.

Such persons interested in taking part or who can refer TSI to someone they know can email

TSI is hoping to identify experts in the areas of History & Anthropology, Culture & Tradition, Music & Dance, Costume & Jewelleries, Art & Crafts, Folklores & Mythology, Poems & Literature, Occult & Mysticism, Choreography & Photography, Heritage & Legacies, and Cuisine & Culinary Art.

“TSI is moving towards rediscovering our evolving cultures, traditions, music, mythologies, and arts, and see if we can create a new dimension to our Sarawak Identity,” they said in a statement on Thursday (Aug 5).

They said the creation of a Sarawak Identify through research works on the aforementioned aspects and putting them into creative works will provide Sarawakians with a diverse, multidimensional, and free interpretation of perspectives.

They added that this will culminate into a new performing art with new musical compositions, costumes, and movements that tie into Sarawak mythologies without losing the essence of the roots and historical aspects of Sarawak.

“This is a wonderful and worthwhile investment. Overall, the venture will not only create a Sarawak Identity providing a platform for national unity but also the creation of new tourism products that will bring happiness to our communities and showcase our identity to the world.

“It is, therefore, both exciting and exhilarating to embark on this project that brings together the talents of many Sarawakians shaping our Sarawak Identity,” said TSI.

Assoc Prof Dr Poline Bala.

In conjunction with a series of lectures touching on Sarawak Identity – the first on ‘Rethinking a Sarawak Identity’ to be delivered by Assoc Prof Dr Poline Bala on Aug 7 followed by ‘Sarawak Identity through Heritage’ by Dr Elena Gregoria Chai on Aug 8 – TSI will fund research works on the above subjects and anyone interested may contact them to work out the details.

Dr Elena Gregoria Chai.

TSI will kickstart the first research project with selected individuals and institutions of higher learning on the above aspects, starting with research works on musical instruments of Sarawak and producing a documentary on this research as well as publishing a book.

Individuals or teams who are interested may contact TSI to present their proposal.

More information on TSI and the leadership programme is available at

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